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Profound Change: cultivating more effective cultural change initiatives for sustaining organisations

Eliminate the blockages; develop the leadership and management capacity to move forward to greater effectiveness with your peoples’ whole passion, energy and commitment.

Typically our local government clients are engaged in cultural change initiatives to enable their organisation to better serve their people, community and the planet. Our points of contact within the organisation are usually the CEO, Organisational Development Manager and the Sustainability Manager.

Cultural change requires our clients to work out what to do and also how to change their cultures. And its complex and messy.

Often they become stuck – people just don't ‘get’ the vision for the culture; the executive team doesn't ‘walk the talk’; managers and team leaders don't lead the way they ‘should’; organisational life is so busy that despite best intentions, change is not prioritised… the list of obstacles could go on.

The profound change that you desire is possible

We know that profound change is possible though. And we hold a vision for what organisational life could be like that would cultivate a culture that supports and enables sustainable outcomes within in and outside the organisation.

Imagine it… brimming with vitality and energy – alive like a living system – purposeful and relevant – engaging – adaptable – caring  for people and planet. All because people know that their wellbeing is ultimately dependent on the wellbeing of other people and the planet.

Benefits such as increased productivity; improved relationships, decision making and implementation; personal growth, development and satisfaction; organisational innovation will all flow from a culture such as we envisage.

You're Not Alone: 70-90% of all organisational change initiatives fail

We know that the rate of failure is fuelled by what we have all been taught about what change is and how it happens – the nature and dynamic of change.

Cultural change is not an object to be project planned and managed. The type of change you desire is more fundamental or profound that than. The people are the problem and the solution.

Cultural change cannot be ‘told’ because the change requires every person to make new neural pathways in addition to re-prioritising what is most important for the future.

Profound Change for sustainability – serving people and planet

Our services offer solutions to the “what” and “how” of cultural change
that makes a difference to the way people see and do things. 

We call this Profound Change and it might be expressed as:

Shared Vision + Engaged Culture + Adaptive Leadership + Experienced Interconnectedness 

= Sustaining Organisation

A sustaining organisation is one that has the capacity; culture, consciousness, and people to act in truly sustainable ways.

Who are we? The Partnership

Welcome to our website. My name is Josie McLean and in 1999 I founded The Partnership that commenced as a provider of executive coaching - and grew. Our core competency is change - individual, team, group and organisational.

Our services are highly cost effective and deliver results: cultivating small changes at just the right places to deliver disproportionately large outcomes over time; and enabling employees to facilitate change processes themselves.

Our invitation to you

If you are ready to cultivate Profound Change in your organisation and outside it, then contact me here, or use the contact details, for a complementary, no-obligation Discovery Session where we will discuss where you are on your path of Profound Change and how we might assist you.